5 thoughts on “Meeting 15 May 2012

  1. The appropriate technologies meeting discussion. 15th May 7pm-10.30pm
    Present: mel,bec,arianne,dean,ella,ziah,duvvy,matt,dave,zea,ryan,carl.

    different technologies we could promote

    Regenerative binding substance (like a potassium filled concrete)/ compressed air (tromp) – Dean
    Zeer pots – Mel
    Rocket stoves – James
    Composting toilets/ Humanure ( chemical drugs, hormones, be aware of) – Mollases?
    Aquaponics – Ella
    Grey water processing of household waters, filtration, vegies, aquaculture – Ziah
    Mushrooms/Mycoremediation – Zea and Todd
    Berdini motor (bike wheel & magnets to charge batteries) – Arian
    Solar food dryers – Mel & Ziah (simple) dean (miltary styles)
    Bees- wax for candles – Matt ( shop on Lygon) People with bees used wax(for sale?)
    Parabolic solar cooker – Ziah
    Alternative building materials LIST – FOR OUR TECHNOLOGIES
    BIKES – mels friend…
    Energy, wind, passive solar ect… – Carl
    Hydro generator from old washing machine – Dave
    Food stuff, preserving – Bec
    Soap & essential body products-?Dean

    begin to frame a process for what we will do with
    the information/

    Monthly informal workshop focussing on a particular technology
    Photographed and shared on blog…. Sunday 3rd June 11am @loophole Rocket Stoves James/ziah/zea

    Run workshops for each other and give/receive feedback on our facilitation skills.
    ZIAH – create a blog for everyone to share individual projects and instructions, links ect..

    To have a range of possibilities of each technology (for different circumstances ranging from simple/fast to long lasting) when teaching.

    Share workshops with groups, eg.. Representative from each transition town.


    how we decide which technologies to promote/

    Put into categories -what we need to know now, what we can provide for people

    Lukes Scenarios:
    Short Term – Crisis (may or may not happen in Australia): power cuts,
    water interruptions / quality problems, gas failures, no security, no
    cash available, supermarkets quickly empty, employers forced to stand
    down workers temporarily.

    Medium term – Slow decline: everything becomes un-affordable:

    Long term – humanity learns regenerative living:

    what is most appropriate for our collective to focus on now?

    who will do what research/
    Everyone has chosen a technology to focus on, we will share our research and decide on workshop days on the blog.

    Also. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, if we can find Experts in any alt tech areas, who are willing to spend a few hours teaching a workshop that would save us a lot of personal time researching and testing.
    D.I.O – can provide a base for local Melbourne networks of inventors, Diy enthusiasts, squatters and the rest to share skills and build together..

    testing out technologies.

    This can be left to the individual to test.

  2. i have to approve you comments manually, trying to work out why.

    hey wait a minute it says in the minutes Ziah was meant to create blog….I been robbed.And in the minutes i only signed up for Wind energy so far

    looks like you owe, get everyone else to sign up.
    the only emails i sent invites to are the ones you gave me (plus theo) i just don’t have any others. need emails for Mel, Bec, and Dean.

  3. Actually I think it was a setting in the blog ( Authors comments need to have 1 approved comment in order to make comments without needing approval) and I changed it, shouldn’t be problem now. Honestly there are dozens of settings to get you head around.

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