Luke’s collapse scenarios : Long term

Long term – humanity learns regenerative living:

– Move to communal housing. Ideally earthship style, depending on
location, using available materials to make a comfortable habitat.
Dean’s specialty! Will depend on land ownership, this will be a huge
problem as the state tries hard to maintain the flow of resources.
Expect high taxes, minimal services and possibly no opportunity for
ownership at all (other countries buying up land?). How will people work
out what communities to set up – who will be compatible? OkCupid or style services?
– Backyard, guerilla gardening on large scale – take over un-maintained
park areas, sports fields; convert much of built infrastructure into
food forests.
– Cf. Cuba, but without as much domestic oil. Probably as much or more
– Energy systems to suit environment – Trompes or run-of-river water
wheels etc where there is water flow (and head), wind (needs to be
medium scale; most wind farms too big as they depend on the grid for
stabilising power output, though this could be worked around if enough
effort and materials available), adaptation of domestic PV systems for
sporadic power generation. I think this will be important for some time
to come as people still want to communicate with remote relatives; long
term people’s families will all be local…
– Food still needs to be grown at an industrial scale for a long time
(using organic techniques, but would still need some sort of fuel for
equipment). Need careful diversion of fuel, creation of fertiliser,
manual labour where viable. Keyline, restoration of soil biota
(Biodynamics by another name), potential for biochar in some areas.
Sensible use of ruminant animals. Need to communicate permaculture!

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