Luke’s collapse scenarios: Sudden crisis

Short Term – Crisis (may or may not happen in Australia): power cuts,
water interruptions / quality problems, gas failures, no security, no
cash available, supermarkets quickly empty, employers forced to stand
down workers temporarily.

– Obtain food – dumpster diving for whatever is left? Markets? Black market?
– Keep food: ice boxes, Coolgardie safes, long lasting fridges (e.g.
using eutectic (phase change) materials to store cool air), chest freezers
with extra insulation. Possibly use generators (fuel will be cheap, if
people have any income for it)
– Heat water and food for cooking / sterilisation (Gas will probably be
available sporadically) – rocket stove (what would be burned? Houses?),
BBQ (must be made more efficient e.g. shorter burners, shrouding?).
– Space heating for the elderly – share space with younger people? Dual
purpose rocket stoves?
– Lighting for safety / night time ablutions / emergencies – head
torches and powerful hand torches, ideally with rechargeable batteries
for later

– Communications – smart phones, radios. Would need power source for the
phones, e.g. small solar panels can be bought, or rechargeable battery
packs made up; or just charge opportunistically and use occasionally.
Communications will be important for people’s sanity; to know their
loved ones are OK, to know they have a connection to the outside world.
Dumb phones more reliable / longer batteries, but less able to be used
for information sharing…
– Sanitation – some areas might not have reliable water for flushing or
reliable sewer connections, so composting toilets?
– First aid – hospitals probably full but might still be able to get to
doctors; need basic knowledge. Link to existing sites on web?
Also need to consider adapting household utensils for wound care etc.

One thought on “Luke’s collapse scenarios: Sudden crisis

  1. The best sources of information on this kind of collaspe scenario is the surv1val1st communities.
    The 1 in that word should be replaced with the letter i.
    To save you even more flags and a bit of time I will summarise what I have been told about this by a guy in a pub from ages ago.
    It boils down to preparedness, knowledge and mindset.
    A true survivor can be dumped naked and alone anywhere and either find a way return to a human settlement or thrive independently of them.
    Equipment can improve your odds and increase your options but without knowledge most equipement is useless and heavy.
    Knowledge weighs nothing and is always with you. The threats you may face in the world may change quite greatly as the years go by, but what you need to survive in most circumstances changes only slowly over time. In 70’s and 80’s there was real fear from the cold war going hot as a nuke strike and/or russian invasion.
    Every few years there is a scare about meteorite strikes. Disturbingly the general populous get very little warning about these, until it’s been safley predicted they will miss.
    Now days its peak oil and ‘econopocalypse’ which are related to each other, of course other resources are peaking too at the same time populations are still growing. Though some still fear a EMP strike, followed by a conventional invasion.

    The primary piece of eqipment is the B0B, the bug 0ut bag. A bag with everything you need to survive a few days until the world returns to ‘normal’ or if need be, to leave town.
    Most of the items are mundane: spare undies and socks, warm clothes, rain proof clothes, some food, a cooker, torch, matches, a knife, first aid kit, ground sheet/ tarp, para cord (aka good string/rope) water bottles, radio, blanket, maps.
    Some of the more exotic/unexpected items are: basic fishing kit, wire animal snares, vice grips, metal files.
    Note: this list is not (nor can be) exhaustive and there are great debates over what should and shouldn’t be included. The items do vary from person to person, by location, the individuals belief over which are the greatest threats they are facing.
    Contrary to popular belief most of this stuff is not expensive or hard to find, and many items can be made or adapted from other things.

    The other thing which is a obvious variable is what is called your EDC (every day carry) the items you always have on you as a matter of course, house key, the thing you carry money in wallet/purse/handbag, and likely a mobile phone. So if you are always carrying that item you probably wont need another in the magic bag. Or will you? Some in this interesting community claim anything important should have an identical backup meaning you must have two of each thing.

    The most important thing I can tell you about all of these things is they must be tested in realistic conditions and their use must be practiced so you can use these things well, becasue when you use them for real, you maybe under a lot of pressure, injured and/or quite tired.

    Other hot topics are the B0V (the means of transport), be it a bicycle, motorbike, car, 4WD or road train.
    For some the B0V is redundent as they already live in their B0L ( the homestead usually in a remote area ) with everything they need to live long term with obvious or rather subtle defences. the remoteness is considered to be the first defence.

    In some abbreviations the number 0 has been used where the letter O with have been used.

    One last thing: over the past decade there has been quite a reversal on the attitude towards electronic data devices (Laptops/PDAs/ mobile phones/ smart phones ). Initially they were scoffed at, but once they became able to contain and display full colour maps of the whole country along with medical books, fauna/ flora guides and had wireless/3G internet many started seeing the real value in them. Another way to carry and access more knowledge than could possibly be remembered even if it meant the cost of protecting a often fragile deveice and finding a way to charge it.

    It was quite a memorable conversation.

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