Luke’s Scenarios: Intro

I envisage several scenarios:
– Sudden crisis, where there is a credit lockup and no-one has money to
do anything. Panic situation.
– Longer crisis, where remaining money is transferred to the wealthy
(via tax / inflation / deflation / free market usury), people have time
to adapt
– Long term: all will be living a low energy lifestyle; less people around.

I think it would be worthwhile coming up with tech ideas for all 3; so
that people know they can get by for the short term if there is a messy
transition and know that there are options when they realise things
aren’t ever going to get back to normal.

Ideally, the short term steps they take will be useful in the longer term – e.g. gardening, seed
saving, sensible communication tools, shift to daytime activity.

I feel that for most people, the response will be first at an individual
/ family level, moving out into larger groups once things stabilise.

I feel that civilisation is losing trust; that people aren’t going to be
willing to help each other or their community as they see everything
being taken from them; that our biggest priorities should be to show
people what’s coming and to show them how to work out where to put their
trust – how to recognise people doing sensible activities…

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