Resource Challenge, Car

We will be having a series of challenges based on a given real word resource.

The challenge is finding as many alternative uses for it and how many resources can be extracted from it.

Abandoned car, ran out of petrol, otherwise in working order.

I’ll list as many things a I can think of and challenge other readers to think of others.

I’ll look at sudden collapse first:

Add fuel and drive away.

A home for the night or maybe longer.

A source of fuel:It may be possible to siphon out the last remaining fuel.

use a copper spike (non sparking) to puncture the bottom of the tank and extract fuel from underneath.

fluids in a car:

detergent in window wiper containers. oil in sump, brake/hydraulic fluid, water/ ethylene glycol in radiator.

useful engine parts: engine bay

battery, alternator, radiator: can be use as heat exchanger, rubber belts, electrical wiring, electric motors and pumps, engine controller electronics.

car interior:

seat belts, cloth from ceiling, screws from holding plastic moldings together, springs from seats.

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