Community living

Community is such a hard thing to define as it take into account so many things.

Community is shared values and shared interest. If there are not these two things there is no community, at best there is a community about to fracture. In the heirarchical world many community values are decided for us in the forms of laws and regulations. If heirarchical systems collapse there will no longer be these standards in place or enforced. This raises  interesting questions.

If society shattered into thousands of small groups, what are the most likely rules will they choose for them selves to live by?

Even more interestingly which of these sets of self imposed rules will be the communities to survive the longest?

Is there a best practice or strategy for the rules a community should follow?

Are there specific rules a community might decide on that are destructive to a community?

What rules would communities use in dealing with each other?

The first real issue a community faces is the tragedy of the commons. there must be strong rules in place to protect community owned resources from exploitation, destruction of even theft by an individual in the community. How will a community create in the attitudes of their members that the commons are very valuable? Because they often have faced destruction in the past.

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