The Matrix: an Allegory

I think just about everyone has seen this movie and it has some very interesting allegories in it. Perhaps it’s ‘The Wizard of OZ of our time’.

Our protagonist has the feeling things are quite as they seem, and begins searching for answers. After a while he is given the option of finding out the truth or giving up his quest forever.

This is the red pill or blue pill scene.

Neo decides between the red and blue pills. The Matrix 1999

After deciding to take the red pill to discover the truth, he wakes up to quite a surprise. He is naked hard wired into in a personalized vat of refined oil having been asleep all his life. There are countless thousands all around him asleep in  dark, mechanical, sterile world in similar vats. Enormous quantities of energy are being extracted from them as they slumber unaware that they are being treated as slaves, little batteries in a giant machine which functions primarily to create an illusion they will accept.

Sound familiar anyone?

I’ll go through it a piece at a time.

red pill/blue pill

Neo decides to take the red pill. The Matrix 1999.

Would you take an unknown pill offered to you by people you barely knew? Probably not, it requires a great deal of trust. You have to trust a person, for them to tell you a truth that you are willing to believe. You must have trust to join a community or travel on a great journey. Sometimes you just have to show you are serious, and willing to take risks to prove it. You will eventually reach a point of no return ,where you have to decide whether you are going to continue or turn back and give up. Every now and then in life you will reach one of these fork in the road moments and they can be monumental.

Neo wakes up realizing he’s been bathing in oil oblivious to the fact he’s been exploited and imprisoned his whole life. The Matrix 1999.

Wakes up covered in refined Oil. look around you look at how many thing you can see could never have existed without oil, cheap oil no less, you food your clothes the device you are reading this from or the paper its printed on. its all Oil you are literally bathed in it, yet you have never seen it. Well until now.

Wakes up naked wired into a personalized vat. we are all living in our own exceptionally individualistic worlds. We are wired into a machine, the Internet, the electric grid, the food networks, laws, society, jobs. We are naked because we have nothing to protect us because we are so vulnerable without the matrix are wired into.Slaves own no possessions, not even clothes.

Wakes up having been asleep all his life. The dream is over and reality sets in, it has all been an illusion nothing prior to this moment was real. Life actually starts at this moment. the change in surrounds is as profound as night and day, sleep and awake.

Countless thousands are around him asleep. The sleep he has woken from is a spell not many have broken so far. So many are still living in a an illusionary word enjoying their matrix. theres seems no obvious way to awaken them.

Enormous quantities of energy are being extracted. People working for  debt based fiat currency don’t realize they are slaves. Everything of value is being extracted from them and they just don’t seem to realize they are the only thing of value in the world. The world they live in could not function without them. If they just woke up, they could be free.

Neo having awoken turns to see many other people still locked in the matrix. The Matrix 1999

Neo having awoken turns to see many other people still locked in the matrix. The Matrix 1999

This scene from the movie was part of the inspiration for me naming this blog ‘Drenched In Oil’. You are drenched in oil, wake up, it’s not the real world you have been living in.

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