An often overlooked quantity for a human in a difficult situation is mindset.

Mindset is a term unladen with psycho babble, and I’ll define it the way I think suits it best.

It’s how you look at the world, regardless about how you feel about the world, its how you look at it. Its how quickly you assess a situation. Its how quickly you admit you were wrong. It’s not giving up too easily. It’s learning from your successes and your mistakes.

So what is the mindset of a human that survives a crisis?

Determination, patience, pragmatism,sobriety.

Determination: You just can’t give up. This cannot be stressed enough.

Patience: this will help when determination wavers. sometimes just trying or waiting that little bit longer is all that it takes.Know when to be patient is just as important as the ability to sit it out.

Pragmatism: Sometimes unexpected thing will work in your favor, don’t feel you have been cheated  out of a challenge by fortune if things go your way for a while. There will be plenty of times where you have to work for it and you will need luck.There will be many times you have to choose the least worst of two options, which will be a lot different than the best one of several.

Sobriety: This means a calm and clear demeanor as much as it means don’t be out of you tree all the time. It doesn’t mean you cant have fun, but it does mean you have to choose carefully you moments when you can let your guard down. There will be plenty of dangers of all types, sobriety means you are more likely to see them coming than not. It will also mean you will be more likely to see opportunities as well.

These were the more important aspects of mindset, they don’t take into account skills, knowledge, situation, equipment or location, but even so they shouldn’t change much depending on other factors.

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