EDC: Mobile phone

This is number  3 on the carry list.

This should be obvious, a mobile phone is a great source of information and can be used to call for help.

What is the extent of the crisis, where is safe, what other danger are around that you cant see yet.

Mobile phones in some cases have Internet  access which can even further widen their scope in information. Mobile phones may have stored data like maps or first aid manuals that may be very useful.

The phone can be used as a light source.

If needed the battery can be removed and short circuited across steel wool to create a spark to light a fire. if this fails the battery case can be cut open and the corrosive chemicals inside may ignite if added to flammable solids like wood or liquids like brake fluid or oil.

2 thoughts on “EDC: Mobile phone

  1. **Exerp from doing it ourselves talk by theo;
    The next thing is appropriate technology. This is technology which is appropriate to the number of people on the planet and the resources that we can safely use. Appropriate technology tends to be small-scale, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, locally controlled and super cheap. It’s been developed for use in third world countries over the past 40 years, and is often based on traditional systems. I’ll just give a few examples. We can use evaporative coolers instead of fridges. They are basically two terracotta containers, one inside the other, with water poured in between every day. The evaporation of the water sucks cool air into the centre, which means no electricity and only a few degrees warmer than a fridge. A rocket stove is a highly efficient wood stove which runs on sticks. You can use one to cook food, heat hot water and your home. We’re going to get these as well as a hand powered washing machine and a composting toilet going at our place as well. There’s also small scale wind and hydro systems, some which you can make out of old bike wheels even.

  2. Anytime anyone wants to make a post of such things they are welcome to do so.
    There are the technologies that will help people survive long term which may be entirely different that will help people in the transition to that kind of society.
    For instance you may have to drive in a vechicle powered by fossil fuel to get to a remote community that actually is set up to survive long term.
    So the tools of transition aren’t the same as the the tools of sustainability. Just like the diesel powered digger excaving the ground to make the earthship. Of course you are able to use shovels, wheelbarrows and picks to remove 200 cubic meters of earth, but I imagine you’re not going to choose that if you have another option.

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