Scram bag: Introduction

In a sudden collapse you may have to leave where you are in a hurry.

To do this effectively you will need to be prepared. It’s easy to forget an important item if you are in a rush. It’s also easy to overlook an important item if you haven’t thought carefully about what you might need to face the challenges in your journey.

The first thing to consider is should you go now. In some cases the storm will blow over and traveling might be more dangerous than staying where you are. After all you will be leaving everything else you possess and have access to behind. The other important factor is where are you going to go an what will you need there?

So a scram bag is a bag of important items you need for the type of journey you need to undertake, the length of journey and the environment you will be facing.

So despite what advice you may get, you will need to adjust the items chosen to suit your circumstances.

firstly I will state that I’m not advocating the use of items used specifically to wound other people. If you decide to not take this advice, it is you option and your liability. Many common everyday items can be used in such a way if you think creatively, and you should hope it does not come to that. The best advice to try to reach a peaceful solution, or simply run away. The idea behind a scram bag is so you can run away from trouble, keep with the philosophy.

Try to travel as light as possible, you may find things along the way that you might want to take. so keep a little extra room if possible.

You may find the scram bag useful in everyday life, after all its full of useful things.

Perhaps keep it in your car, or carry it with you on your back when you go places. You should feel comfortable carrying it for long periods of time, because when you need it you will be carrying it for long periods of time , it will be almost everything you have for quite some time.

Once you get to where you are going many of the things in it will probably be useful for setting yourself up more permanently.

It s assumed in most cases the scram bag will have enough supplies for 3 days (72 hours) if you need to travel longer you will need a bigger bag and/or be able to resupply on the way( get more food/water, wash clothes, recharge, rest properly).

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