Scram bag: Vice grips

Vice grips as I have previously mentioned, are far superior to pliers.

6 pairs of vice grips. The two in the center are needle nose.

A remarkably versatile tool, they are simple to use and very durable.

They allow you to dial in a specific jaws distance( the screw knob on the end of the handle) and clamps onto an object.

I once pulled out a glued in wooden dowel out of a piece of kit-set furniture with vice grips, they are really strong.

They are extremely useful, allowing you to do things that require three hands and use only two.

Vice grips can also be used as a vice if attached to a stable platform.

Vice grips can also me use as a semi permanent clamp to hold things together.

Can also be used as a spanner or shifter, and if you are a bit desperate a hammer (nice flat sides).

They are so good I recommend you have 2 sets of vice grips, one large and one small.

Needle nose are very much worth considering as as models with cutters and the back of the jaws, other jaw arrangements tend to be a little to specialized for all round uses.

Some of the pliers based multi tool manufactures are catching on to the vice grips trend, but still a good pair of vice grips costs dramatically less.

Vice grips a really great versatile compact tool, let your mind run wild.

Every set of pliers one day hopes to grow up to be a set of vice grips.

Buyers guide, make sure the bottom jaw doesn’t slop too much (side to side and up and down) and that the screw adjustment is smooth and precise.

Usually made from chrome vanadium steel so they wont easily rust or corrode.

Cost $10-20 available at most hardware/ building supply stores.

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