Scram bag: Water proof containers – Velcro seal bags

Some things you just cant afford to get wet. Electronics is one of those things there are many others, books, maps etc.

A cheap and simple way to waterproof things are well sealing waterproof bags.

Water proof Velcro sealed bags. One containing a Degen DE13 radio and one empty. With ruler for scale.

Place item inside, velcro closed, done.

$2 worth every cent

Scram bag: Hats

Sometimes its going to be hot and sunny, and sometimes its going to be cold.

You’ll need two hats one for the heat and one for the cold

For the cold:

A beanie style hat made of wool or other warm material  (such as polar fleece) that will retain heat even when wet.

You may have a jacket with a hood built in but a beanie hat can got under this and you will be even warmer.

A scarf in addition to the hat is also a good idea.

For the heat:

Wide brim cotton bucket hat with vent holes and a chin strap.

usually when it’s hot the sun is out and a hat can also protect your skin from sunburn so a brim on the hat is ideal.

A baseball style cap will provide some protection but a hat with an all around brim is better, a bucket hat with a small all round brim is good.

Cotton is a good material as it allows sweat to be absorbed and then wicked away and evaporate. when stored cotton survives being crumpled.

Remember to protect your neck when it is sunny.


$10-15 from many places