Movie: How to hack the human brain

This is an interesting movie.

A clever mash up of short film segments to explain a few important points. Hopefully some of it will be familiar.

Contains footage of animal and human cruelty!

It starts with the ways people can be conditioned to act, even against their own better judgement.

The Solomon Ash experiment.

Normative conformity, the pressure to conform is stronger than the desire to state your own belief, the fundamental flaw in open outcry democracy.

People can feel pressured into doing things that they think are wrong

It follows on to the conclusion we are all simply being farmed, just like the way we farm animals and plants.

I have looked into how long this has been going on and as far as I can tell this happened this started with the first societies that developed settled agriculture in the fertile crescent.

It seems that not long after people started farming they themselves became farmed.

I guess its not such a large logical leap to put a fence around a cow and ‘own’ it than to put a fence around the farmer and ‘own’ the farmer.

Further on it talks of political systems as being nothing more than farm management systems.

We end with the premise that only option for a human society is one based on the non aggression principle, fairness and voluntary participation. Which I think sounds reasonable, but what would such a society look like and operate?

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