Geometry: the hidden source of patterns

This is not meant to be an introduction to geometry, more  of an introduction to the concept using basic tools.

Didi you ever wonder how Europeans made  ‘heater’ shields that exact, distinct shape?

I stumbled into this the other day. It seems there’s a simple geometric pattern that can be made with basic tools.

No ruler required. no need to worry about inches or cubits.

Shape of a shield defined. 3 squares side ‘A’ along the top,and a radius 3 times the length of 3*A from the bottom corners.

All you need is to make a square using a single arbitrary length, and then to make a radius 3 times longer perhaps with a string.

Perhaps not the most useful item in this day and age, but the concept is that you can make a complex pattern simple if you understand the simple rules in the pattern.

Look for the simple pattern, its probably there.

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