Dollar stores and similar retailers

Businesses fail for a variety of reasons many of which are not related to the quality of the products or the price they are sold at.

A good example was the enormous real estate collapse in Japan in the 90’s. Many good business and hard working people simply ‘went to the wall’.

Went to the wall:  destroyed, ruination.

I would say bankrupt, but many Japanese people consider bankruptcy a terribly shameful status and simply refused to declare bankruptcy.

So in the aftermath of this economic collapse huge quantities of goods were at a price to high to sell and people had too little money.

Eventually the idea of the 100 Yen store originated buying up old stock from businesses in trouble and selling it at  the standard price of 100 Yen, about 1 US dollar at the time.

This moved the stock in the short term and in the long term started a new business concept for Japan. Later on these 1oo Yen stores and their mimics began importing their products from lower wage economies to keep their prices down.

<discussion of economics effects of this>

So just because a product is in a dollar store it does not mean its fatally flawed in some way. It’s possibly slightly obsolete or maybe the product was over produced.

You should always keep your mind open and check for quality however. It’s good to have a person how knows about the type of product to see if there is a problem with it.

Generally I would not buy electronics from dollar stores as a fatal flaw can be very well hidden, though electrical and data cables and connectors seem to be of good enough quality.

The dollar store can also be a source of items for crafting other items.

Another good reason for going to a dollar store is to see if there are substitutes to things you already buy that can be gotten even cheaper.

Perhaps another reason is to do a ‘why did this product not sell’ investigation.

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