Collapse (2009) Mike Rupert, Directed by Thom Powers



Mike  Rupert explains peak oil and it’s connections to peak population and the general instability of and oil based world.

A personal, sometimes intimate interview, with some archive footage to help explain some concepts and parts of history.

Mike’s solution: grow your own food, disconnect from oil and get to know your neighbors.

One thought on “Collapse (2009) Mike Rupert, Directed by Thom Powers

  1. It really does appear that the decline in oil production is the the real crisis we are facing and that the global warming panic -mongering is only a way to get people to reduce their consumption (not sure it’s working). My guess is that in about 10-20 oil will become too expensive to produce. Here is a link to a really good website which sums up the consequences of running out of (cheap) oil. Of course we still have a fair amount of coal, gas and new technologies like wind or solar energy, but we are running out of time to implement them efficiently if we don’t wake up. And it looks like there will be much suffering due to food shortages, especially in some third world countries, who have also had f the highest population explosion. They will probably eat their children in the end.

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