I realized I hadn’t actually defined what energy was. This is important if you are facing an energy crisis. Energy is the ability to do work.

Energy is conserved, meaning that:

Energy cannot be created or destroyed , only transformed from one form to another.

Energy is either potential (stored) or kinetic (in motion).

Most of the energy the earth receives is sunlight, which is converted by plants to chemically sorted energy such as sugars.

Animals get their energy from either eating plant or other animals.

Fossil fuels (oil, coal,and gas)  are remnants of plants that died a very long time ago and were modified by bacteria in the absence of oxygen.

Some of the energy that is extractable on earth is geothermal driven by the movement of molten and semi molten rock deep under the surface of the earth.

Energy is tidal motion is derived from the gravitational pull exerted by the moon.

Energy is wind and temperature differences is is generated by the sun.

In physics , engineering and other sciences energy is measured in Joules [ kg m² / s² ].

Power is the energy consumed or released in a given unit of  time.  Power is not conserved