DIO : Drenched In Oil


A society built on cheap fossil fuel, this is what that society becomes.

Real skills for living in a world currently ‘drenched in oil’, but not for much longer.

This forum/blog is designed as a user contributed library of knowledge, skills, techniques, mindset and equipment for a world about to be plunged into an energy (or other kind of) crisis.

The energy crisis will probably be brought about due to post peak oil and other systemic problems of the current world economy.

This site is intended to be mirrored and  downloadable backups available for use in off-line modes on multiple platforms.

Falling won’t kill you, It’s the sudden stop at the bottom that does the damage.

Let’s find ways to reduce that impact.

Writing guide

Authors are encouraged to use comments section to ask question about information posted and prompt the post author to further clarify the information to make it accessible to a wide audience.

Authors are encouraged to update their posts and new information and research comes to hand, and readers are encouraged to occasionally check older posts to see if new information has been added.

Sometimes this may mean creating a new post to explain a underlying concept, or even spitting a post into more than one part to be really specific.

One day this might be the only library accessible to someone, lets give that someone the best possible chance.

Authors are reminded to write in a way that is most accessible to readers and translations. Try to avoid the use of idioms and slang.

Example of an idiom: ‘Out of sight, out of mind ‘. Some of the earliest English to Russian translation computer programs translated this idiom as ‘Invisible idiot’, if you use too many idioms you are risking being seen as just that, an invisible idiot.

Example of slang: I’m gonna write something, instead write this; I’m going to write something -OR- I will write something down.

Currently posting and commenting is invite only, a way to request invites is pending.

Facebook doesn’t like you, and now its owned by the bankers.

Please people, get off facebook. FB has appalling privacy settings and anything you post there goes almost automatically to any and all security untelligence people everywhere.

Because there are so many people on FB, it has become a one stop shop for snooping by the untelligence community.

Make it harder for them to snoop, join lots of blogs and forums make them work really hard to ruin things.

Please do not to link this forum to facebook.

Yeah I know I spelled intelligence wrong, it was deliberate.

Facebook might be good for initial outreach, but there are other ways to do that too.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. i agree about not linking to facecrack… we are talking about some amazing stuff here, lets keep it on the down low.. z

  2. Facecrack, lol I have heard ruder word plays than that about it, but you’re absolutely right. Fb also has a very shallow demeanor to it aswell. It’s really hard to have a serious discussion with a new lolcat/haircut/shoes/tattoo/copy-pasta post every 5 minutes. Sort of like a business meeting where every 3rd person decides to show up with (and share) their 6 pack and joint, you know its gonna be a struggle to get anything done.

  3. you need to log in and and click on new post. the new post button shouls be at the top of th screen (it is for me).when typing the new post add the category educational and movie. the category area is just to the right of the text box where you type the post. there are some events on tommorow, i hope to be going to them maybe we can clear up this confusion then.

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