Comments are now enabled

Now that all the readers have had enough time to see the tone and style of the posts here, I am accepting comments.

By making a comment there is no guarantee that it will be published, but nothing relevant, reasonable and well written will be refused.

Of course I reserve the right to add conditions for veto on a  case by case basis, as different eventualities arise.

So aside from the above , I’d like to hear what you have to contribute.

The comment button is not obvious because of the theme, if there are no current comments.

This should help you find it in relation to the post title and the grey line.

How to find the elusive comment button.

WordPress blogging FAQ

Anticipating bunch of new people, I decided to make a help post.

Click the link below to learn about using a WordPress blog.

P.S. Remember to accept the invitation an create a WordPress Account if you don’t already have one and sing in to post and comment.