Forum Improvements?

This is for discussion of changes you want to this forum/blogs structure and content.

colors which is the best worst for reading?

1What do you think of this colour?

2What do you think of this colour?

3What do you think of this colour?

 4What do you think of this colour?

5What do you think of this colour?

6What do you think of this colour?

7What do you think of this colour?

8What do you think of this colour?

9What do you think of this colour?

10What do you think of this colour?

11What do you think of this colour?

12What do you think of this colour?

13What do you think of this colour?



3 thoughts on “Forum Improvements?

  1. Why this forum is the way it is, and what is deliberate rather then accidental.
    (The things I might be reluctant to change, and why)

    White(ish) text on dark background:
    If you read forums for any extended period of time with black text on a white back ground its like staring into a light bulb and trying to read, not pleasant.
    if you like to read in the dark its less harsh on your eyes and less likely to cause a temporary loss of night vision. I don’t want you tripping as you run from the room crying “Eureka” after looking at the screen.

    Green and orange text. now using orange as part of sunspot theme
    I actually want green and yellow and I hope I can get the yellow,
    high contrast and not affected by most common forms of colour-blindness.
    If people prefer the orange i will keep it. I’m starting to like it.

    Narrow format:
    I want this to be useable from a wide variety of monitor formats.
    I use my 10″ net-book screen to test small screen useability.
    I have tested smart phone compatibility works well, though almost all left side panel is missing.

    Tools on the left
    Search,categories, latest posts, and tag+category clouds.
    I found a theme to support it.

    The Calendar
    I was hoping it would link to events like on my other forum which is a php module based rather than this one which is CCS module based.
    No luck so far, all it seems to do is let you know what was posted on a certain date.

    I am using a milestone module (next events) like a calendar reminder thing so we can keep up with all the awesome events that are on.
    I may add several of these to create a next 5 events string in place of a real calendar. Sadly they have to be manually updated.

    Does anyone know a CCS coder? Making a few custom CCS modules might be just what we need.

    I have never used WordPress before today, and this is my first attempt at configuration of a WordPress blog. So this is whats possible in 8 hours, I’m sure we can get this to look how we want eventually.

  2. Theme in use initially
    Wu Wei.

    currently using Sunspot.

    considering other themes:
    good colors
    cant see widgets.
    wider text format. good and bad depending on your screen width.

    Chaos theory:
    cant see tag/category cloud

    chaotic soul
    small text
    categories on right panel
    no tag cloud
    links not distinct colour

    Dark grey
    no tag cloud
    categories on right panel

    too start
    no tools visible except search
    shows only 2 posts?

    Piano black
    looks very nice
    cant see tag cloud
    can’t see category listing

    nice brown tones
    tag cloud and tools seem missing
    resizes well
    sun spot

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