Power Trip

A very interesting film about the former soviet state of Georgia undergoing an economic transition (from communism to capitalism)

It documents a power struggle both politically and electrically and the way people dealt with it on a day to day basis.

I’m attempting to find a better source.

The directors cut (AKA DVD extras) contains one persons story of a little homestead out of the main city that was quite a lifeline.

Interestingly, the elites who already had wealth, were trying to kill each other in their ‘power trip’, whereas the poorest people weren’t.


And just 6 short years after making this film Americans seem to be suffering from a similar economic transition (from capitalism to kleptocracy).

Perhaps Tbilisi was just an experiment in how far people could be pushed on electricity prices, and how to deal with how they respond.

Ghosts with shit jobs

A lo-fi sci-fi showing the future of north America in 2040.

Asia takes economic dominance and ‘the cloud ‘ [data] is repossessed.

A sort of socioeconomic juxtaposition of power and wealth between east and west.


Might be a good way to get people thinking about their place in the current economy, and how its not guaranteed.